“My son got sick with malaria and was treated at FMH. When we got home he got worse and it progressed to psychosis. I had a lot questions that could not be answered. All the answer I could get was that he needs to take antipsychotic medications to help him with his symptoms. He started taking the antipsychotic medications but he got worse. All the advise I could get was to increase the dose but it didn’t help either.

I starting taking my son to the Mind and Body Center to see his current therapist. The therapist recommended to see Dr. Donna Acree. I didn’t know anything about Naturopathic treatment or medicine but I thought I give it a try. I had a lot of questions in my mind!

Our first meeting with Dr. Donna, she ordered, what I called a special blood work and again I have never seen or heard of such. I quickly learned that Dr. Donna prays for her patients! It made me feel better to hear from her that she is praying with me!

I thought her services was going to cost an arm and a leg but it was way less than what I anticipated.

His result showed the actual cause of the issues he was having and Dr. Donna carefully explained what the results meant and she prescribed pure nutrients and supplements. My son started taking the supplements and surprisingly within one week we started seen results. The results progressed and were drastic and noticeable! My son’s mood became way better and he started having conversations and discussion with people around him. All those who saw him when he was worse and saw him after two weeks were astonished! It was a drastic improvement!

He is improving daily and I give God all the glory for what he has done in my son’s life!

I will recommend this type of treatment to anyone who has any type of similar issues!”


Dear Doctor Donna, 

When I came to see you I was just hoping to get so I could be more active and have more fun in my life and not be tied to the functioning of my digestive system. It was a wonderful surprise when not only did that get better but so many other things that I really wasn’t aware were a problem.

But first thanks so much for listening and sorting through the years of frustration that I felt visiting traditional doctors. Where it seemed like they only wanted to give me a prescription for something and scoot me out the door. Some of the doctors I saw were so very unhealthy looking themselves, that it was difficult to even consider that they might help me. Your healthy glow and positive attitude toward everything sure built confidence that this long standing issue could be solved.

And, It is. Thanks to you! Thank you as well for the bonus improvements that I didn’t know I’d get.
  1. No more puffy swollen feeling or look to my face. In fact, I lost 5 pounds immediately that has not come back. It had to just be fluid build up of some kind because even the odd lump on my neck is also gone.
  2. I wake up feeling happy. How great is that?
  3. Sleeping longer through the nights is wonderful.
  4. The best thing is NO More sudden diarrhea. So I am able to do more and go more places with confidence. So wonderful.
  5. Constipation is rare now.
  6. Eating with confidence now, more relaxed at meals instead of being filled with dread.
  7. My skin cleared up. Red blotchy spots are gone and the blemishes have vanished.
  8. The food restrictions were difficult at first, but later, I realized that they helped me to be able to add back foods safely. It was worth it.


My 9-year-old son has always suffered with a stuffy nose. He used to snore all night long, kept on waking up frequently, clearing out his throat and spitting out mucus. Several years ago, he was diagnosed with mild asthma and seasonal allergies so I assumed that this was simply a part of his condition. I always kept a humidifier and air purifier in his room but that was about all the measures I took.

When I first spotted a couple of small hives on him, I didn’t think much of it. His skin has always been very sensitive. But the hives started appearing more often and I noticed that he was scratching himself because it was itchy. After about two weeks later he started getting hives every single day. I would notice a couple of hives on his neck or on his arm and within minutes his entire body was covered with hives. The more he scratched the more he broke out into hives. It was a nightmare. I started giving him Zyrtec which helped him but if he missed a dose, he broke out into hives within couple of hours.

I was desperate to find out what the trigger was but it was almost impossible to figure it out. His allergy doctor couldn’t test him because he was either on Zyrtec and therefore she couldn’t do the test due to the present antihistamine in his body or if he wasn’t on Zyrtec, he was covered in hives so couldn’t perform the test either. She was suggesting that he takes steroids for a month but I simply didn’t believe that it would solve the problem. I was desperate to help my son and determined to solve the problem.

I started searching for naturopathic doctor. Friend of mine referred me to Dr. Donna so I decided to give her a call. I was surprised how much she wanted to know about my son’s condition and his overall health during the phone call and after I hung up I just knew that I have found someone who truly cared and wanted to help my son.

After our first appointment with Dr. Donna, my son began his very first diet. It was very difficult because most of the foods that he normally consumed were now eliminated or had to be completely avoided. But thanks to Dr. Donna’s personalized meal ideas and recipes we quickly found out that his special diet doesn’t have to be a torture and that eating healthy can be quite tasty!
After the first two weeks I started seeing some incredible changes. My son no longer suffered with stuffy nose, his breathing at night improved significantly and for the first time in years, he was able to sleep through the night.
We visited Dr. Donna about every two weeks and each time she revised our son’s meal diary very carefully and she would suggest different ideas that improved his overall health and foremost his skin condition. After about 6 weeks he was completely hive free.

We couldn’t have done it without Dr. Donna’s help and we are forever grateful to her. She is truly a remarkable doctor and we feel blessed to have found her.



When I initially came to see Dr. Donna, it was out of desperation. I had suffered from insomnia for seven years with an acute exacerbation the three months prior to my visit. I had been sleeping only 2-3 hours per night. For the first time, a healthcare practitioner listened carefully and didn't attempt to solve the problem by offering me sleeping pills. She asked many questions and demonstrated genuine concern and compassion. After a thorough health analysis, Dr. Donna discovered the underlying reasons for my insomnia. I am sleeping much better and feel 10 years younger than I did three months ago. I appreciate her patience, persistence and her willingness to dig for the origin of the problem rather than settling for simply treating the symptoms.


Hello my name is Diane. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 23 years ago. In April I spent 16 days in the hospital and 6 weeks out of work. I am now on a two year course of treatment with Remicade and in remission. That being said, I knew I needed help on a nutritional level to stay healthy and balance the effects of the Remicade. Dr. Donna has been advising me since August 1st and has had a huge impact on my recovery and overall sense of well-being. Thank you Dr. Donna...I feel better than I have in years!


Dr Donna has completely changed the outlook on my health. I've had major health issues for the last 37 years. I've seen Directors of Neuro-Immunology at both Johns Hopkins and at the NIH who for decades repeatedly told me there was nothing anyone could do to improve my condition. Well....they were SO wrong because they never met Dr Donna. Dr Donna has reconstructed my diet and supplement regime.  The best part is that everything she has recommended to me has greatly improved my health. After years and years of settling for mediocre medical care from two of the best medical practices in the US, I am thrilled to have Dr Donna as my Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. Donna has done more for me in the last 3 1/2 months that I've seen her than both Drs at Johns Hopkins and NIH did for me in 37 years! I thank God for her every day.


I was so looking forward to report to you this Wednesday which would have been a week after my visit with you. But I am reporting to you now. All GREAT news! Praise be to God and our Lord, Jesus Christ! I thank God for you every day!

Since my visit with you last Wednesday I took one Aleve at 10:30 pm that evening which was 29 hours since my last dose. I had just a mild night sweats Wednesday night. Monday and Tuesday nights of that week the night sweats were lighter as well, as I reported to you. I have not taken any Aleve since then!! My energy level has been 9-10. Iv'e been exercising 30-45 min every day, strength, cardio and yoga and ab works, slowly getting better with my strength. My husband encourages me everyday and he is so happy that I’m back!

My thyroid inflammation has gone down as well, only a slight swelling on right side according to my husband and it has not felt tender for about two weeks, since a week prior to our visit. The rash around my eyes is also getting better as I have been diligently putting on my organic coconut oil and lavender oil concoction at night.

I have started the elimination diet since last Thursday, completely eliminating gluten, soy, dairy, corn and egg. I accidentally ate a few organic tortilla chips two days ago! It wasn't difficult at all to remove what little I was consuming of gluten, soy and corn. I’m maintaining my weight at 106. Drinking more water after I bought the Stevia water flavored from Common Market, but not using it too much. As you suggested I can eliminate tomato and peanuts as well, even though I love peanut butter (organic)!

I started taking your supplements and Omega 3 oil faithfully according to your schedule since the day after I met you, except for the two that I have yet to get from you. Drinking green smoothie daily and fresh juices from Common Market whenever I’m in the area.

“I can do all things in Christ who gives me strength.” God is so good! I never despaired even when I was ailing from these symptoms because I knew that I’ll be fine because I’m in God and God is in me. Of course, I needed to know what was going on in my body!

Thank you so much for praying for my organs to heal during my visit. I have been telling some of my church friends how you prayed for me and I will continue to recommend you to anyone who is suffering and need help in regaining their health.

Last Wednesday, particularly, God’s grace on me. On my drive to the appointment, I prayed that God would help me get better through your guidance, not even thinking that you’re a Christian doctor. He has done that! I am so grateful beyond my words and understanding how God loves us! I shall live every day praising and glorifying Him!

I am so thankful that God led me to you. I appreciate you spending your time to study my case and being so personable and approachable. What doctor texts and emails his/her patient in this day and age?

Thank you so much for your time and may God shower His blessings to you and your family!


Regarding my mother's improvement, she made the changes you recommended, alternating the juices and taking the supplements as you suggested, her leg is not bothering her at all and she is sleeping better, feeling rested and she even mentioned her mood is more positive, energetic...


I had always thought of myself as a healthy person, but over the past few years this had taken a dramatic turn.  I gave up Gluten a year ago, but was having an incredibly hard time with colds, nausea, and weight gain no matter how well I ate.  I spent an entire month nauseated 24 hours a day, and had reached the point of dreading eating, a true hate-hate relationship.  My weight was at an all-time high and I was miserable – bloated, lethargic, exhausted, and a body full of aches and pains.  I was popping sleep aids and NSAIDs like crazy just propping myself up enough to work each day.  When I ended up in the ER and missing a week of work from nausea I knew I needed help.  I first tried Internal Medicine Doctors, but all they did was prescribe me 2 new medications, even after I said I didn't want any.  I refused to take them and went searching for another solution.

 A friend had recently met Dr. Donna and was very impressed, so I made an appointment straight away – anything had to be better than the pill-pushing MDs I'd spent money on.  In my first session she went over all of my concerns and offered realistic approaches and solutions.  Her vast wealth of knowledge and real-world applications made for an easy assimilation of vast amounts of insight and instruction.  

I can sleep through the night, my aches are subsiding, and my nausea quit immediately.  Hooray!!!

I have been working with Dr. Donna for 6 weeks now and have no headaches, no joint pain, sleep normally and wake rested, I have more energy throughout the entire day than I have in decades, and have lost so much weight that my clothes are falling off.  I cannot sing her praises enough – she listens and finds solutions, and is available anytime for questions and clarification.  I always know that my sessions with her are a trusting, learning, and immensely educational worthwhile use of my time.


"My holistic dentist referred me to Dr Donna Acree about a month ago. I have never been so pleased with a doctor before! Dr Donna is just a wonderfully caring and genuine person to begin with. She actually listened and took the time to hear my story and immediately responded to it all with precision-tailored supplements and a food and exercise plan that is working and is bringing me quick results. She also recommended beneficial tips on getting more and better quality sleep which is helpful on all levels.

My health problems have been complex and dangerous for a long time and no M.D. I’ve seen so far has ever done anything concrete to make a difference in my daily physical and mental well being or treated me with so many specific, high quality supplements. Every single issue is being addressed in a way that has no harmful side-effects and ACTUALLY WORKS as described. 

My hypothyroid condition and enlarged, fatty liver are healing so quickly. I can see major improvement every day as my liver shrinks back to it’s normal size. My longstanding skin condition has begun healing normally I am able to lose body fat now with ease These things had been truly impossible for 25 years due to untreated insulin resistance and no effective treatment for my acquired hypothyroid condition. My previous doctors had just ignored my known insulin resistance and let it continue to destroy my health for a long time.

I had become very limited in my mobility and had a body full of pain every day. After only a month of following wellness plan with Dr Donna by my side, my thyroid function is now truly being improved, (not just my T4 getting noted in a chart as before). My body temperature has climbed from it’s low 94-95 degrees, back to the normal 98 degree range. My brain fog is clearing, I wake up much sooner and with greater ease. My energy is now dramatically increased all day, every day. I could not get what I needed from the foods I ate before, now my digestion is serving my body as it should. My mood, optimism and concentration are seeing more positive changes every day.

It's as if the other doctors I've been treated by sold me false and dangerous help and no hope. Dr Acree is the polar opposite of that and I’m so grateful to be her patient. I am quickly becoming very well, thanks!


Cynthia Wilcox, Ph.D.

Donna is my Naturopathic Doctor, and she is awesome. She developed this brilliant practical drink, called Nanny Meal, for kids who have food sensitivities. I really hope it takes off and soon it will be found in grocery stores everywhere, so people have an alternative to carnation instant breakfast (ugh). I'm supporting her! Please share this!


Working with Dr Donna has been a game-changer. I consulted her a year ago due to a range of symptoms: low energy, chronic congestion/sinus infections, weight gain, constipation, hair loss, acne and an extremely hypo-thyroid condition. She recommended a shift in diet to a modified Palio along with a natural supplements plan. Less than a year later everything changed. My thyroid numbers are back to normal - naturally, without drugs. I'm sharp, energetic, slimmed down, and have not had a single sinus infection over this year. You have to be ready for change; but when you are, Donna's skillful and well-informed guidance will help you achieve a balanced, healthy body and good habits for life!